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Excellence in Leadership & Teambuilding

Talent Management

in the Workplace:

How do you Get the


Out of Your Workers

Effective Talent Management

is the key to organization success.

As a line manager, your ability to succeed is predicated on your effectiveness in managing your team and increasing individual and team productivity. The goal of this session is to help the practicing manager improve his/her skills as a Talent Manager. We know that the appraisal process is one of the least well understood, least well liked of most managers' tasks. Yet it is crucial; the skillful coach can provide needed feedback, development, and motivation to key subordinates. 

The focus on this workshop is on you, the manager, as you attempt to increase the productivity of your workers both in and outside the lab. Key topics include:

  • Strategic performance management
  • How to use performance management techniques to help your people succeed
  • What can you do about your own performance appraisal discomfort?
  • Performance planning processes that work
  • Roadblocks to effective performance management, and resolving them
  • Working with your subordinates to establish goals that lead to results
  • Designing effective coaching and appraisal systems
  • Rater biases
  • How to write an effective review
  • How to give feedback effectively, either in an informal coaching session, or the formal appraisal interview
  • Performance Improvement
  • Positive Discipline
  • Is a 360 system for you? If so, how can you implement it?

This is a skill building session, with elements of workshop, role playing, individual coaching, writing plans, and feedback.

This workshop is typically offered as either a half day or full day session. It can be tailored for either a corporate or a conference setting. 

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