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Excellence in Leadership & Teambuilding

The Excellence in Leadership Journey

Is it time to take care of yourself?

Are you ready to develop your leadership skills to their fullest potential?

Are you looking to move your career to the next step?

This may be the time to move into our newest program,

"Excellence in Leadership"

For eight months you will interact with other motivated professionals in a safe setting, focused on developing leadership skills. Led by Alan Cabelly and Jean Benevento, who have a combined 75+ years of leadership, executive, and mentoring experience, you will embark on a path that leads to leadership success.

Here are the specifics:

  • a select group of 8-10 professionals will meet monthly beginning in late 2018 or early 2019. Six meetings will be on either Friday or Saturday mornings; two of the "meetings" will be weekend retreats
  • all participants will complete the DiSC©profile, along with initial and concluding assessments of their leadership abilities
  • participants will be invited to do a 360º review, receiving performance related feedback from their coworkers and managers. Alan and Jean will provide screened feedback and coaching from this review.
  • you'll choose a mentor outside of this program, and have periodic coaching sessions with this individual
  • participants will choose and complete a leadership project, receiving support from other participants, their external mentor, and other trusted colleagues. This project will take place during the entire time period of the workshop.
  • although the facilitators will develop initial monthly goals and workshop assignments, participants themselves (with guidance from the facilitators) will identify the direction of the final months of the workshop

This is a hands-on approach to developing leadership skills. This is not a program of "talking heads." Trained facilitators will guide leadership exercises and practices, and encourage attendees to try out their new skills and receive feedback from peers and executives who they report to. As the cohesive group is formed, group members will train each other, forming bonds that are likely to last throughout their career.

For more information and a personal interview, please contact either Alan or Jean.

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