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Negotiation Strategies

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Contemporary Environment

This workshop focuses on negotiations, from both individual and collective perspectives. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in various types of negotiations, including salary negotiations, negotiating as an agent for a third party, and group negotiations. Most of the simulations used in this workshop were written by the instructors.

Specifically, attendees learn about: 

1. bargaining/negotiation skills that can be used in all situations

2. the key types of negotiations that they might participate in

3. the broad behavioral concepts (communication, motivation, perception, power, persuasion, etc.) that come to bear on any negotiation

4. strategic implications of the “moves” involved in the negotiations process

5. how to do it!!

We’ll begin the day by using the DiSC®, a validated behavioral assessment tool, to understand who you are, and what your preferred communication and interaction styles are. We’ll help you determine where you are most effective, and where you need support. The DiSC® gives you personal information that helps ensure your improvement and success as a negotiator. Through videos, conversation, and interaction with others, you will develop an awareness of your personal leadership profile as you expand your leadership capabilities.

With the DiSC® you will learn about four basic behavioral styles:

  • D, Dominance. Active, assertive, take direct action
  • i, influence. People focused, friendly, optimistic
  • S, Steady. Calm, supportive, cooperative
  • C, Conscientiousness. Detailed, accurate, complete

We will then take these basic styles and explore how you interact with others in negotiation situations. We'll do that with a focus on individual skills development as attendees hone their own personal tools. You'll have opportunities to develop both new and well practiced behaviors in a safe environment, receiving feedback from others during and after each simulation.

As a workshop, most of the time will be spent in negotiation and debrief.

This workshop is typically offered as a full day session. It can be tailored for either a corporate or a conference setting. The DiSC® is completed prior to the session, and computerized results are delivered to participants immediately upon completion of the assessment.

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