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Excellence in Leadership & Teambuilding

Your Leadership Style:

Who Are You?

What works?

What doesn’t work?

Would you like to know what others

think of you and your leadership style?

Would you like to tell them how to

work best with you?

This is a journey to discover your own leadership styles. This interactive presentation, including an abbreviated leadership evaluation, will keep you on your toes, allowing you to collect valuable leadership wisdom for yourself and bring it back to your organizations. Using the DiSC, a behavioral assessment tool, you will learn to emphasize your strengths, and how to be at your best with people who are different from you.

With the DiSC® you will learn about four basic behavioral styles:

  • D, Dominance. Active, assertive, take direct action
  • i, influence. People focused, friendly, optimistic
  • S, Steady. Calm, supportive, cooperative
  • C, Conscientiousness. Detailed, accurate, complete

As we conclude: How do you take what you know about yourself and improve your own capabilities, communication, and leadership?

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