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Excellence in Leadership & Teambuilding

Leadership for the

Twenty-First Century:

What's Your Style?

No leadership style is inherently more effective than any other. However, using your preferred style at all times, or using your style incorrectly, may well lead to poor results. The question becomes one of determining where you are most effective and where you need support.

In this workshop we use an assessment tool, the DiSC®, to help identify your personal style. The DiSC® gives individuals validated information that will help to ensure their improvement and success as a leader. Through videos, conversation, and interaction with others, people develop an awareness of their personal leadership profile as they expand their leadership capabilities.

Specific activities and topics include:

  • Understand who you are as a leader
  • Value the necessity for different leadership styles today
  • Expand your personal leadership capabilities
  • Develop confidence in your leadership style and capabilities
  • More effectively lead the innovative team of the future
  • Become a better, more transformational, leader
  • Complete the DiSC® leadership profile. With DiSC® you will:

  • Identify your leadership style
  • Understand what your personal leadership tendencies are, and access your untapped leadership potential
  • Expand your leadership palette and learn what you need to do to become more effective
  • See how you influence others, how they view you, and how you might improve your personal power
  • Grasp what you do under pressure and learn how to change some of those base instincts
  • Identify the personal behaviors that are holding you back

This workshop is typically offered in a three or four hour session, and can be tailored for either a corporate or a conference setting. The DiSC® is completed prior to the session, and computerized results are delivered to participants immediately upon completion of the assessment.

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