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Excellence in Leadership & Teambuilding

Staffing for Excellence

How do you hire people?

How do you ensure that you

have the best team?

How do you fire people?

In this workshop we will cover these processes from beginning to end.

The staffing process includes the acquisition, selection, and placement of employees to achieve the strategic human resource goals of your company. While this may seem academic, you need to accomplish these tasks on a periodic basis. One significant error will cost you time and money.

This workshop will cover the process from beginning to end. We will:

  • Define job duties and write job descriptions (yes, we will actually write job descriptions on the spot, and during the workshop we will accomplish the tasks listed below)
  • Assess the position and job description to develop effective recruiting ads and sources for applicants
  • Learn how to screen resumes
  • Identify factors that will lead to successful workers
  • Write job related questions
  • Interview candidates for the job
  • Learn how to do reference checking so that you can get good job related information about the candidate
  • Make selection decisions
  • Prepare letters of acceptance and rejection
  • Identify candidates for promotions, transfers, demotions, and terminations

Participants are asked (if possible) to bring the job description for their job, as well as for jobs that report to them. 

This workshop is typically offered as either a half day or full day session. It can be tailored for either a corporate or a conference setting. 

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