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Hire and Retain 
Motivating and Acknowledging
Motivate and Acknowledge: 
Is it really that simple? 
Yes, that’s where it starts. 
But it goes further than that.
Effective people management is the key to organization success.  As manager, your ability to succeed is predicated on your ability to choose your team and manage it.  How do you hire people?  How do you develop and motivate them?  And, when necessary, how do you fire them?  The skillful manager/coach does all this for subordinates.  The result is increased individual and team productivity.
In this workshop we will cover these processes from beginning to end.  The goal of this session is to help you improve your skills as Talent Managers.
This workshop focuses on interactive skill building activities, including writing documents and participating in role plays of everyday situations
Key topics include the following:
Hiring your team
  • Define job duties and write job descriptions
  • Identify factors that help you hire successful workers
  • Write job related questions and interview candidates
  • Learn how to do reference checking so that you get the right information about the candidate
  • Make selection decisions
  • Prepare letters of acceptance and rejection
  • Onboarding; those crucial first days
Retention and the cycle of performance management
  • How to give feedback effectively, both formally and informally
  • Designing effective appraisal systems that help your people succeed
  • Coaching and counseling techniques for the modern manager
  • How to write an effective review
  • Managing the difficult employee; positive discipline
  • You may not like doing appraisals; what can you do about this discomfort?
  • Working with your subordinates to establish goals that lead to results
  • Reward and challenge both the stars and the problem employees
This workshop is typically offered as either a half day or full day session.  It can be tailored for either a corporate or a conference setting.