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Excellence in Leadership & Teambuilding

What's a Leader? Can You

Define Leadership?

Alan's recovery from Open Heart Surgery is nearly complete. Yes, his minor heart attack was April 2, and his surgery (quadruple bypass) was April 10. Cardio Rehab has been great, and he is looking forward to running again while ripping through the treadmill.

He was honored by SHRM to receive its first Advisor Impact Award for his continuing effect on students since his Portland State career began in 1980.

Students, alumni, private corporations, and professional associations secretly raised more than $60,000 to name a room for him in the new Karl Miller Center, the School of Business Building.

He presents twice at SHRM 2018:

June 18: "Mentoring Millennials: Microfeedback, Reverse and Group Mentoring, and ....."

June 19: "So You Think You Know Millennials.....Think Again," on the SmartStage


Most Leadership web sites attempt to define Leadership with long flowery theoretical language. At the Portland Leadership Institute we prefer to rely on the famous quote of Justice Potter Stewart: "I know it when I see it."

The Portland Leadership Institute grows leaders. We'll take who you are today, what you do now, and work with you to bring out your best.

What Are You Working On?

Why did you visit us today? What would you like to develop? Is the "Generation Gap" challenging you?

  • Are you building a new team?
  • Is it time to take your career to the next level?
  • Do you need HRM solutions to your specific situations?
  • Do you need a current, cutting edge speaker to motivate your group and inspire their thinking?
  • Do you want your next retreat to get started with a bang?

What Do You Struggle With?

What's not working? 

  • Is the current team challenged as it strives to reach its potential?
  • Do you find that you are not living up to your potential as a leader?
  • Are you wondering what they are saying behind your back?

We provide leadership and human resource management solutions to these and other contemporary management situations

Please see the

"Excellence in Leadership"

tab for our newest program for developing leaders

Generational Issues in the Workplace

In 1981 we presented

"The New Lifestyle Worker,"

our first "generations" presentation. Little did we know that this would become one of our key areas of excellence over the next four decades.

Presenting methods of working more effectively across generations at the 2018 SHRM Conference (including at the much sought after SmartStage) highlights our expertise on Generations.

We would love to speak to your group or provide other direct assistance to you.

Contact us:

503-250-3758 (Alan cell)

503-250-3757 (Jean cell)


Please check back often. We are in the process of adding information for you.

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